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  • Digital Still Cameras

  • Theses pages describes my experiences with digital still cameras, especially the Casio QV-3500EX. Also, there is a freeware tool called jpegdump for recovering deleted jpeg files from a memory card.

  • German Photo Newsgroups drf and dard

  • Theses pages hold some stuff related to the german language photo newsgroups de.rec.fotografie (drf) and de.alt.rec.digitalfotografie (dard). Since the newsgroups are in german languages, these pages are too in german language only.

  • Leierkasten

  • The Leierkasten is a software for generating MIDI-Music based on a computer language to describe notes.

  • Oberalster Table Tennis

  • These pages are the current location of the Homepage of the table tennis group from Oberalster V.f.W. (german language only).

  • Items to sell

  • Sometimes I am selling items on Ebay in Germany. Here are the current offers, most times with more and larger images than in the original page on Ebay.

  • Sigslot Concept

  • Using a signal slot concept to partition a complex system in small independant components.

  • About the Author

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